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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

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Hudlin's Black Panther is widely criticized for its writing, while Christopher Priest's 62-issue run (1998-2003) is widely acclaimed.
But who is it critized by?
By many of the same people who praised Priest's Black Panther - so you can't assume it's because of racism towards the character or to a black writer or to a comic dealing with racial issues, since all of those elements were present with Christopher Priest's run. It's just different opinions on what constitutes good writing.
Why can't I? Priest is loved by comic fans for his years of work in the industry. He knows how the industry works and he knows how to get things done and get an audience.

Hudlin runs a network that these comic fans will generally hate, the movies he has done they generally hate. He gave up writing Spiderman to just do Black Panther. I have seen too many postings about things that he has done wrong with Black Panther that have nothing to do with the story that was told or the writing. So I have seen firsthand why they "hate" his work.

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What they need to do is give the property to me to write and draw.
Maybe after I am finished with him. The idea behind behind Black Panther is just a good story. Steel would be on that list too.
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