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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Arsenal certainly does look like they're in for a tough season. In fact the only things they have going for them is that the summer isn't over yet and there's still time to work a deal or two. Only I'm having troubles thinking of who would want to come to them when they admit they pay below what the market is. Couple that with the fact they haven't won anything in 3 years and it's not looking good. Young, unproven kids I guess are their only option, and it takes time for them to grow, I wouldn't expect much of an immediate impact from them. And it looks like Liverpool just took third, maybe even second in the Prem with and Keane and Torres working side by side.

In a way they're kind of like my Vancouver Canucks - they have obvious, glaring problems (scoring for my Nucks, depth for Arsenal) yet don't really do all that much to address it.

Anyone hear what's happening with Drogba? Is the wanker staying at Chelsea or leaving? I hear something different every day. Hope he leaves, not sure I can bear seeing him pout through another season.
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