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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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I know Ozzy wishes he'd never made The Ultimate Sin.

I actually like the Ultimate Sin. I bought it on vinyl not too long ago. The cover alone is a kickass addition to my vinyl collection. (Which can be seen here if anyone's interested.)
Yeah, I like it too. I bought all the new Ozzy remasters in disc a few year ago and I was bummed that TUS didn't get the same treatment.

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Ram it down? There's some decent tracks on there. Hard as Iron, Ram it Down, Heavy Metal, Blood Red Skies... Turbo is way worse.
I agree, Turbo was WAY worse than Ram it Down. Of course, compared to Painkiller, RID was some garbage as well.
Ultimate Sin is out of print. You can still find it at any music store, but no new pressings are being made. As far as the remasters, I think it's a travesty that they had the bass and drums rerecorded for the first two albums simply to avoid paying royalties to Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. Especially since Bob Daisley wrote all the lyrics that Ozzy takes credit for.
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