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...Will there be a sequel to <i>Star Trek XI</i>? "Those are conversations that have to be had by other people before they can be had with us," explained Quinto. "If the movie does as well as we hope it will, then the intention will be that there are more stories to tell. That's up to the fans, and to opening weekend."
That's why marketing is so important. Let's hope that that's done right as well.
But we, the already devoted fans, don't need to be marketed to. On the contrary, we can assume the role of ad-hoc marketing agents. We have to get the word out to our non-Trek-Fan friends. Evidently, it's up to us.

Me (or Us): I can't wait to see the next Star Trek movie. It's supposed to be awesome!

Friend(s): Well, you were always into that Sci-Fi stuff but it's not necessarily my(our) cup of tea.

Me (or Us): Well, actually, this time it's going to be different. Even non Sci-Fi and non Star Trek fans will like this one. Oh, and it's directed by J.J. Abrams! So, if you liked Lost (etc.) you should love this new Star Trek movie.

Friend(s): Ah, yeeaaayh, suure. Okaaayyy. Ah, we'll be sure to see it. Yeah. Well, see you later. Gotta go.
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