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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

tenmei wrote: View Post
I love the idea of a female-centric and alien-centric command staff on a starship as it makes a change to the male-heavy, Human-heavy command crews we've seen in the past.
historypeats wrote: View Post
I like this as well - and it also seems to be the most female-heavy "command staff" we've seen (as an early conversation between Worf and Geordi briefly highlights).
If you liked that, wait until you see a certain crew in Destiny.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Dave outlined Destiny before I was even hired to do GTTS, so there was limited opportunity for him to work T'Ryssa into the story.
It's my hope that the few scenes I was able to include for T'Ryssa were to Christopher's satisfaction and will also please both her fans and her detractors. One of the great things about the way Christopher wrote her character is that she can be a good foil for humor, as well as its instigator.

(Conversely, since Dina Elfiki is Dave's creation, she's a more central player in Destiny than in GTTS.) But Bill Leisner and I had an interesting talk about the character at Shore Leave...
Both the name and the description of Dina Elfiki are based on a former coworker of mine (with her permission). So it might be a bit of an exaggeration to say I "created" her; let's say instead that I adapted her from another medium (reality).

Christopher wrote: View Post
Dina Elfiki is an Egyptian name, I believe.
Well, at least "Elfiki" is.

Another fun note: Although I had "created" the character of Jasminder Choudhury, Christopher got to write her first, and he brought so many great ideas about her character to GTtS that it helped me make her an even more compelling character in Destiny. (I hope.)
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