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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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Are any of the new characters aliens? I was trying to figure it out by their names but some of them are ones that could probably go either way, like T'Ryssa and Dina. T'Ryssa sounds like it could be alien, but then Chen sounds like it could be a Asian human name.
Dina and Jasminder are humans, whereas T'Ryssa is half-Vulcan, half-human. (She may seem to take more after the latter half, but look more closely - I'm pretty sure those volatile emotions are meant to be Vulcan, which was a very cool touch on CLB's part. I wish more authors recognized this - that the Vulcans are incredibly volatile when it comes to emotionalism, and that their famed stoicism is essentially a culturally mandated coping mechanism. More often than not, Vulcans are simply portrayed as emotionless when nothing could be further from the truth.)

Also, stay on the lookout for a Betazoid security officer and a Bajoran counselor - "minor players" in this one, but seemingly worth watching.

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