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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

You weren't going for family? How interesting. I noticed the examples you just cited, but I thought the point you were trying to make was that compassion, collectivism, allegiance, etc. all stemmed from the same drive that encourages us to form families. After all, isn't the purpose of a child to be something that is "greater than the sum" of its progenitors - to not simply represent perpetuation, but advancement? DNA comes together to form a being that can very well outshine its parents if given time - a being that is greater than the sum of the DNA it was provided.

I also thought you were using the characters to represent the individual terrors of parenting. For example, the Borg lash out at a fundamentally changing world that threatens to pass them by; the entity is paralyzed by (or, in the case of the Rhea, paralyzes in the name of) fear - the fear of harm coming to the beings it wishes to protect; and Picard falls somewhere in the middle, channelling his impotence in the face of fear over suffering and pain befalling his "children" into an all-encompassing rage/hatred of the NewBorg. Then the rest of the crew - T'Ryssa, Choudhury, Worf, Beverly, Guinan - all seemed to represent other fears or concerns of parents.

Finally, I thought the book's purpose was to show that growth is necessary and healthy, and that it was in that sense a reaffirmation of the Enterprise as a working ship (after the events of Before Dishonor threatened to tear it apart) and healthy family/community.

Must've been off base.
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