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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Dammit - I get back from San Diego, and everyone's already said what I wanted to say! Sigh.

Suffice it to say that I liked the book a great deal; my only quibbles had to do with some of the punning (which has already been discussed) and some overly formal language in conversations between people (which wasn't a consistent problem, and which tends to crop up in almost every Star Trek novel or episode anyway). Minor dislikes aside, I loved the way that a broad theme/motif (family) was tackled from so many angles, and in ways that weren't immediately apparent/obvious. (I'm actually using some aspects of the book to design a fairly unconventional lesson on plot dynamics and thematic structure for my seniors next year - I'll let you know how it goes.) I actually care about the new characters, whereas I felt nothing for any of the "new characters" save Kadohata; however, I now have to spend the next four months worried about David Mack killing off the most interesting Starfleet officer I've seen in a while (Choudhury). Thanks for that.

The writing is active without straying into oversimplicity, the plot is consistently engaging, the resolution is believable, and the ramifications of the events appropriately affect characters both old and new. Very nice work, Christopher - for someone who seems to have a pretty different personality from me (judging from BBS discourse, which is of course the ultimate measure of someone's character ), you sure know how to write stories I enjoy. Greater than the Sum gives me hope for the future of the NG fiction line, and I look forward to reading Over a Torrent Sea the day it hits shelves - and Places of Exile sometime this week.

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