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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

[Sorry the first third didn't work for you. I was aware it was a bit heavy on the exposition and loose-end tying, but the preceding books had left me various threads I needed to resolve before moving on with my own story. And integrating them better into the story would've been hard because of the time frame. I was given the assignment of telling a single story that bridged the gap between a book taking place no later than mid-2380 and one taking place in February 2381, necessitating the long round trip to get to the action and back. But it didn't seem reasonable that the characters would take so many months to get around to resolving issues from the previous books, so structurally I had little choice but to wrap that all up in the early chapters. I tried to make it as concise as I could, but I probably could've done better.

I just finished the book tonight, after picking it up late last week here in Kingston, Ontario. I thought that the first third of the book worked really well. In my opinion, you did an excellent job of cleaning up the mess that was called Before Dishonour. No offense to Peter David, but I just find that his New Frontier style of over the top writing does not fit well with TNG. From your comments on here, it sounds like your job with GTTS was to pick up the threads from earlier books and prepare everyone for Destiny. Well, in my mind you succeeded!

I have read some posts on here that have been critical of T'Ryssa. I thought that she was the most refreshing new character to yet appear in the TNG relaunch. Finally, a character with some spunk! She grew throughout the novel; her mind meld scene with Picard was terrific. I am looking forward to seeing how this evolution continues in Destiny.

I was not sorry to see Leybenzon bite the dust. It was ironic that just before he died he bungled things so badly that the Borg may now be unstoppable. I thought that this was a fitting end for a character who I honestly never liked.

All of the other characters were also excellent. This is the first TNG relaunch novel where I felt that I could actually connect to the characters, both old and new.

Well done (as usual)!
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