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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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And many are of the opinion that The Dark Knight surpassed even Spider-Man 2 when it comes to a genre "standard" or a target to surpass. I, for one, would concur with this opinion. But that's just me.
Spider-Man 2 is thrown around way too much for my tastes. It was good, not sure I think it's "better" than the first, certainly better than 3, but the "superhero movie standard", I'm not so sure.

It's a good movie, but Rami's style is just too... light and silly. The "raindrops falling on my head"/goofy cheesy smile scene for example. Too silly and pointless. (Eclipsed in stupidity by the "Emo Dance" scene in 3.)

It also, I think, tries to fit atleast two movies worth of plot into one movie (the "Spider-man no more bit would've made for a great cliff-hanger. Instead it comes almost half-way into the movie or so and so much more happens in the rest of the movie.)

And the look and style of the movie is just too colorful and light.

Again, good movie but I'm not convinced it's the "defenitive comic-book/superhero movie" which -IMHO- should define the hero and should also be an origin story -and I suspect people will take me to task on that last bit.)

That's why Superman The Movie is often touted so much. It's the character brought to life, we're shown his origins, his rise as a hero and him saving the world. (Well, the country.... Ok, California.... OK, Lois! ) It also has a much better tone and look to it and between the opening theme and the music itself much more "epic feeling" also adding to it the Smallville and Krypton scenes.

Spider-Man 2? Good movie?

Defenitive Superhero movie? Not so sure.

Frankly, I think TDK comes closer to being "defenitive" for how it treats the characters, it's tone, and pairing up one of the more famous Hero/Villan rivalries in comic-book history.

(And for my "origin requirement" Well... LOOK, is that a demon duck?!)

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