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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

And super-heroes always work better in the comics, regardless of the level of realism evoked in the setting of the specific title. Suspension of disbelief is harder to achieve in live action. Various super-hero films have tried various methods to achieve it, to varying levels of success. If super-heroes worked 100% as they are on the comics page, Nolan's Batman would be wearing a costume that looked more like Dead End...there would have been no need to reinvent it as solid armor. Nolan himself didn't have faith in the ability to take Batman straight out of the comics and plop him into a gritty, naturalistic crime drama, or he would have done so. He chose his own approach to the character, and on some levels it doesn't work for me.

On others it does. I love his Bruce Wayne, I love the whole origin sequence in BB, including non-comics innovations such as the Waynes' reason for leaving the theater and Bruce's intentions toward Joe Chill and Falcone giving him the epitome that led him down the road to becoming Batman. I love the resulting emphasis on Batman serving a symbolic purpose, rather than being one deranged man motivated by personal vengeance.

But the costume and voice just don't sell me.
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