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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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I don't get this criticism of the Nolan films. Batman has had a history of film noir/ true crime stylistics since the early 1940s, brought back strongly in the 1970s and utilized since then pretty regularly. He's also long been discussed as the least fantastic superhero. I don't see a clash between the style and the subject here anymore than I did when reading Year One or any of the Batman fights organized crime stories of the 70s. Personally I always find it jarring to read comics where Batman goes up against magical supervillains like Clayface, or to have him team up with super-powered heroes. He's always been a hard-boiled detective in cape to me.
Well for me, the best way to explain it is imagine you were watching 1971's The French Connection... and suddenly Batman strolled into the scene and proceeded to have a conversation with Gene Hackman's character. You'd be like "What the FUCK?!? What is this guy in a ridiculous bat costume doing in this gritty, realistic crime thriller??"

That was pretty much what I was feeling while watching Batman Begins. Nolan did such a good job establishing a gritty and realistic world, that everytime Batman showed up he looked about as ridiculous as a Batman would look in OUR world.

I still felt that at times in TDK, but fortunately the story was so captivating I didn't care as much.
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