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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

JacksonArcher wrote: View Post
It's called suspension of disbelief.
I'm familiar with the term, I used it a couple of posts up. Nolan's otherwise realistic/naturalistic/versimilitous(?) world makes it harder for me to suspend my disbelief about his Batman.

That's the way Batman looks.
In these films. They could have gone with a substantially different look, from the spandex comic costume of Dead End to sleek rubber with optional nipples. Nolan's Batman, with the heavy suit and uber-growly voice, is a little too OTT for his otherwise relatively subtle world.

On the issue of the voice, I'd have less trouble suspending my disbelief if he did something subtler and sounded a bit too much like Bruce Wayne. The uber-growl sounds just as silly to me as if he sucked some helium and talked in a squeaky chipmunk voice. In fact, talking in a high-pitched voice would actually fit the bat motif better, wouldn't it...?

To say that it dampens your view of the film because of that...
Well, I did give the film the highest rating available in this thread anyway, didn't I? Am I not allowed to have a minor issue with the film that didn't significantly ruin my enjoyment of it?

And I'm aware many people hold Superman in high regard. It's a great film. But there have many many films since then in the genre that have easily surpassed it.
In specific areas, certainly. But I still consider it the best "whole package" film. It is the Beatles of super-hero matter how many new ones come around and what they do with the genre, it's still the standard to which they're all compared.

YYZ wrote: View Post
it's funny the odd bit of backlash TDK has received... people wanted Batman in a more realistic universe, with a real dilemmas, a truly interesting and threatening villain, and a story, not just set pieces and a plot shoehorned in. That's what Nolan did, and apparently he did it so well that now people are saying that Batman himself is the only thing that seems out of place.
I'm not denying the irony of it.

Camelopard wrote: View Post
*Crouches on rooftop, brooding darkly over his mistake*
Just be careful not to brood so long that you start to look emo....

davejames wrote: View Post
That was the same argument I was making after Batman Begins-- that Batman just didn't look right within that more realistic world, and that Burton's approach (of creating a world that a Batman could believably exist in) was the better one.
I wouldn't say Burton's approach was "better" per se...certainly not better for what Nolan is trying to do, by any means. But it did work for what Burton was doing.
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