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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Everton and Bolton should both be happy to get the cash for Johnson and Diouf - neither of them are particularly brilliant, and surely 10m for a goal-shy striker with a repuation (however deserved) hitting the deck a bit too easily and a history of injury problems has to be a good deal doesn't it? And Diouf... well, it's very hard to like him.

Tottenham have made a killing in the market as well. They need to start buying now though surely? That's Keane, Robinson, Tainio and Chimbonda now, and apparently Kaboul and Malbranque deals should be wrapped up this week.

Big blow for Portsmouth to lose Muntari, and if reports are to be believed they're going to be missing out on their main targets too.

Keane and Torres is a hell of a strikeforce though - Liverpool have done well there. Are they likely to bring in anyone else now, especially with Mascherano off to the Olympics?
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