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Re: IDW Trek comics plans for '08-'09

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Welcome Mr. Harris, nice of you to drop by our neck of the net. I've really been enjoying the comics, "Mirror Images" had the best first issue. Looking forward to the stuff coming up.

I've actually been around here for quite a while, but recently changed my I.D. when I left IDW's editing throne to freelance full time. Glad you like "Mirror Images"--Los Bros. Tiptons have done a great job on the entire series, and I think David Messina's art has never looked better.

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I haven't been about to read the Romulan series yet, will they be collected into one volume later on? since i can't buy them over here.
All the IDW mini-series have been collected into graphic novel-style omnibuses about two months after the final issue of a title comes out.
I think Byrne's Romulans series might be handled slightly differently, since (as I understand the plan) he won't be doing five issues straight, but will be breaking it up after two issues to do a different Star Trek series. After he's done with that, he'll apparently resume the Romulans tale for three more issues (which is a separate, self-contained story that follows the two-issue series); and then, all five Romulan issues will be collected together in one omnibus, probably two or three months after the final issue appears.
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