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Re: Star Trek: COSMOS

tenmei: Could we make friends with the Kelvans the day after we say "Neener neener neener! We can travel to other galaxies too!" ?

Newspaper Taxi: They're going to report what they see. It's just that once they're out of the quadrant the reports won't get back to the Federation instantaneously, and once they're out of the galaxy it will be the Federation's great great grandchildren who will be receiving them. In fact, BoxWhatBox's ideas track with what I was thinking about what might happen if the ship returns. Also, I see no reason why former enemy Alpha Quadrant species can't go along, since it is supposed to be a time of peace.

But yeah, no Borg. I'm done with Borg.

Thanks for the gold star!

RobertScorpio: As I stated in another thread, look up the definitions of the words "Star" and "Trek". "Ship in space" has not been done to death. It's what the title suggests.

And Trek fans might have been more receptive about leaving the neighborhood if the powers that be had just been a little more creative in the process of creating new neighbors. Frankly, I think all imagination flew out the window after The Immunity Syndrome (Where do you go after you've encountered the giant space amoeba?) The TNG era's definition of alien was "How strangely can I apply this pancake make-up to this obviously human being?"

Thanks for the continued feedback, everybody!
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