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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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How I see it, and how I've heard others describe his intentions, is that he's not doing any stories from the comics, he's not following anything in there, it's just inspired by, and in the spirit of the comic.
See that's what I'm thinking but at the root of it, he is doing much of it based on the comics.
Of course, it's a comic book film. You can't do it with at least a nod to the comics. But he's not sticking only to what's written in the books, or even mostly to it, but he is staying true to the characters.
Yes and no. He's making somewhat of liberal changes. Some good, some iffy (I didn't say bad!) with the characters. At least he didn't give the Joker a name (Jack Napier) or have him kill Batman's parents.
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