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Re: The Joker must go on...

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You are getting waaayyyy ahead of yourself now. Nolan amongst Spielberg and Scorsese? Are you nuts? These guys gave us one hit after another, all Nolan gave was Dark Knight. Let him give us a few more movies that are the blockbusters of their respective years and then we'll see.
Scorsese didn't make that many blockblusters. His highest gross film ever was his recent Best Picture winner The Departed. In terms of quality I think Nolan has already reached Spielburg's level but not Scorsese's. Hey I know I am biased towards to Scorsese as he is my favorite director along with Kubrick and Lynch.

Nolan's notable works so far are Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. My favorite Nolan movie is still Memento but TDK is a fairly close second.
Much agreed. Chris Nolan's films have been consistently good. As he continues to do more work, the quality level in his films just get higher and higher.
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