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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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As mentioned already, I saw no indication that Reese knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman, just that he knew that Fox/Wayne Enterprises was supplying him with equipment. Fox basically confessed that Bruce was Batman.
This bothered me, too; as it did in Batman: Year One, when Gordon and his partner are investigating possible Batman suspects. They rule out Harvey Dent because he doesn't have the means, and investigate Bruce Wayne because he does. Does it never occur to anyone that Bruce Wayne might be funding someone like Dent to be Batman, without being Batman himself?

Why did Anthony Michael Hall's part in the movie have to be kept secret? Did anyone ever answer that?
Where was he in the movie anyway?

JacksonArcher wrote: View Post
Director Christopher Nolan has gone on record saying Robin is in some crib somewhere in his films. Translation: Don't expect to see Robin anytime soon.
I know I've said this a few times here and there, but that's a pity, especially having just rewatched BB for the first time this weekend since originally seeing it in the theater. There's so much emphasis on Batman being a symbol rather than one man; and at one point Bruce even describes that symbol as "everlasting", or a similar term, to Alfred. It seems like an apprentice is exactly what he would need to ensure that the symbol lives on beyond one man. Should he be a 12-year-old in a bright costume? Of course not, not in this world. But just having Wayne take on an apprentice, or scoping one out as a potential later recruit, would be a good nod to Robin's place in the mythos that would work very well in this version. (Note that the implication in BB is that Wayne himself didn't undergo any special training directed at becoming Batman prior to the Chill/Falcone incident. So Wayne wouldn't necessarily need to recruit his Robin as a child, but he might have his eye on a child who suffers a tragic incident similar to his own, for future recruiting as an adult.)

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archeryguy1701 wrote: View Post
Well, he's not running around with guns trying to kill people. In fact, he's trying to avoid killing folks.
Which is why I thought it might have been more appropriate for Batman to say something along the lines of "Because I don't need guns" or somesuch rather than the "hockey pads" comment.
Except what he was expressing to the imitators was about their protection, which was his main concern.
Had the imitators been genuine, dedicated crimefighters worthy of Batman's respect...they wouldn't have been LARPing Batman, they'd have their own identities or group motif. They were amateurs.
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