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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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And...that's a good thing...?

When I saw TDK for the second time on Saturday, I was paying more attention to the music, and I was struck by the soundtrack's effective use of this two-note motif. It generally played right when the action was about to ramp up, or when the Batman was about to do something particularly spectacular or dangerous--when he was about to drop onto the Scarecrow's car, for example. I found it quite effective.

I also realized that the Joker's "theme" consisted of just one prolonged, discordant note, which I also found quite effective. It generally played as the Joker began to put one of his evil schemes into motion, as a way of putting you on edge and building suspense.
You mean that you could hear the audio and dialogue in all scenes? When I saw it there were times when the music overshadowed the scenes and dialogue.
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