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Re: Randy Pausch Passes

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer that you can get. Although we're trained not to say it in so many words, it's a true death sentence for 95% of the people who are diagnosed. There's just not much that can be done although the amount of baseline R&D being poured into the area gives me hope ... for all this talk about advancements in the treatment of various cancers, my best proxy for when the field is REALLY making advances is when we see a 5-year survival rate in excess of 50%; 10-year out in excess of 25%. Right now ... the rates are stunningly low. I'm not even sure if reliable figures exist for 10-year because people just don't make it; 5-year has to be in the single digits. I digress. My prayers are with his family.
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