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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
My only problem, still, is that I don't like Bale's Batman voice and I don't think it is entirely his fault it sounds like it's being heavly tweaked in post.

It's just too much, too strong, and too intense. It's something that really, really, REALLY needs to be fixed. I will agree, though, that Bale is a very good Batman/Bruce otherwise.
Same here. The voice, and to some degree the whole Batman look when we get too good a look at him, just takes me right out of the movie. Visually and aurally, he's just a little too...unsubtle for the otherwise-realistic world around him.

JKTim wrote: View Post
Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
Look at Indiana Jones


James Bond

but a great, grand, theme is needed for Batman.

Much like cinematography, directing, acting and just about everything else associated with filmmaking, scoring has evolved with the times. Operatic scores such as John Williams' Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek: The Motion Picture and even Danny Elfman's own Batman (which is quality music but an absolutely terrible score), are elements of a filmmaking age that has passed by.
Lord of the Rings.

Get outta that!

Camelopard wrote: View Post
Whereas those two notes in Zimmer and Howard's theme evoke Batman perched on top of a building, looking down at Gotham City by night, contemplating his next move, or perhaps just brooding about how tortured and emo he is.
And...that's a good thing...?

Terak Rall wrote: View Post
I loved the movie...but walked out feeling just thoroughly depressed! Was surprised that the theater was only about 20% full for a Friday 11 AM screening...and this is a theater in suburban NY that I've seen PACKED.
I just saw it on a second-weekend Sunday afternoon, and the theater was I'd say 70-80% full...enough to make me sit in the fifth row not to have to stumble over people to find a center seat.

Drone36929 wrote: View Post
but for a movie over two and half hours long, the pacing was good enough to keep you from looking at your watch.
I have to say, the pacing was excellent. I never looked at my watch (cell phone, actually, I stopped wearing a watch...and yes, the ringer was off), and the movie surprised me more than once when I thought things were due to wind down and out popped the next phase of the Joker's scheme.

Aragorn wrote: View Post
Actually, his wife's name is Barbara. Meaning his daughter's name isn't.
Not necessarily. A girl can't have the same name as her daughter?
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