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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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There wasn't a lot of character development. Dent? Joker even had not enough character development. In fact one of my favorite things about the Joker was his origin story. I really wish they had tied that into Batman.
I don't. I love The Killing Joke, I really do, but I prefer the idea that nobody knows who the Joker used to be, or where he came from. It doesn't matter how he became the Joker, or why. The Joker simply is.
Gordon didn't have a lot of development. So catching Joker promoted him to commish? Hmm. I wish there was more to that, then here ya go, here's the commish part. That felt rushed and latched on, that they had to do it.
They didn't have to. Honestly, I was expecting Gordon to be a Captain (or whatever comes after Lieutenant in police ranks) in this one, and become Commissioner either at the end or in the third movie. But his promotion here didn't feel tacked on; with Commissioner Loeb gone, Gordon was the best, cleanest, and most qualified officer the GCPD had left.
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