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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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Wow, that new set list for Rock Band 2 looks wonderful! Dream Theater, Smashing Pumpkins, Journey, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Megadeth and Talking Heads even?

Too awesome. I don't have RB1 and even though I really want to buy it, it sounds like I'm better off just being patient and waiting for RB2 then buying a used copy of RB1 on the cheap to get those songs as well.

Patience sucks.
Probably even better off just renting RB1 and ripping the songs.
Didn't think of that, good point!

I do have a question. Supposedly the instruments for RB2 are supposed to be way better than the RB1 controllers (better guitar, quieter drums, etc). Does anyone knows if they're that much better to wait until September and paying full price versus just picking up a used set of RB1 controllers on craigslist or something?

PS Didn't see the Alice in Chains song on there too. Even better!
IMO, you are better off getting a GHIII guitar than a RB one. However, I would wait to see if they sell the RB2 drum separately. If not, I would just wait.
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