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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

I liked it myself, but I'm a guithead. As for Fireball track, yes they play the hell out of it, but it's the one organ solo of Lordy's I don't like. He's was awesome on Burn & Highway Star, 2nd to none as a hard rock organ soloist.

The Lyrics to No No No are VERY good, almost anti hippie. Do we love each other No no no, is it getting better, no no no. An honest appraisal. Some might say cynical. Gillan did some nice lyrics on Born Again also. I'd say best voice of that era. Sorry Plant fans, Ian was the man.

Awesome range & power, but like Planty, not the best frontman per se. But in that time period,67-73, show was less important than it became when Alice Cooper & then Kiss arrived. Purps WERE a good show however, mainly down to Ritchie.
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