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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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but with that song replaced on the US release by "Strange Kind of Woman" it's quite solid and contains some of my favorite tracks.
Mine didn't have that track. The Mule was kinda interesting with the drum beat. The track Fireball was heavy, but not in league with tracks like Burn or Highway Star.

Anyone's daughter? what was that song doing there.
Same sort of thing the Stones' "The Girl with the Faraway Eyes" was doing on Some Girls, or any number of other country-flavored songs were doing on albums by other British bands (several featuring English country-picker Albert Lee.) Elvis, Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry weren't the only things these guys listened to coming up. "Anyone's Daughter" is funnier than most, though.

For the rest of Fireball, "No, No, No", "Fools" and "No One Came" are favorites. The title track isn't a strong example of songwriting, really, but they play the out of it.

I suppose so. It was semi funny. I understand the record company gave em a VERY short time to record & put it out & Ritchie was pretty non plussed about it. I think accessability is what Fireball isn't. One has to really sit down & groove to it. Ritchie plays like a Cello on No No No with the volume knob. A 70's sort of thing to do, long drawn out soloing. Very boring to the masses of today it would be. I could dig that even at age 16, but many would yawn at it.

Tracks like Burn, Space Truckin, Woman from Tokyo, Highway Star, Smoke o the Water & even Child in Time are much more accessible, ( easy to latch on to with hooks, riffs etc).
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