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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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Deep Purple. Fireball & Stormbringer. Ian Gillan did like Fireball though. I liked a few parts of it, but overall, not.

Stormbringer is another awkward CD in the Deep Purple canon. Some say that for every "great" DP album, there is a poor one that follows it. I don't agree with this formula, though it is the same formula many Trekkers use when discussing their favourite movies. In Rock was followed by Fireball, which some (including many in Deep Purple) felt was substandard. That was followed by the brilliant, immortal Machine Head, which was in turn succeeded by the tired Who Do We Think We Are!
Stormbringer was uneven, I'll give you that, but some good songs and some really nice singing by Coverdale. The UK version of Fireball had a dead spot with "Demon's Eye", but with that song replaced on the US release by "Strange Kind of Woman" it's quite solid and contains some of my favorite tracks.

Don't understand what your quibble is with Who Do We Think We Are, though; I'd put that right up next to Machine Head for quality. (The radio single "Woman from Tokyo" was the weakest thing about that record.)

The one Purple should really have taken back was Come Taste the Band.

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Stryper, every record they did.
Forming the band in the first place was where they went wrong, I think. Putting albums out only compounded the problem.
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