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Re: The Dark Knight Megathread (USE THIS! Love, the mods)

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Seen it today! Good film not brilliant and I can't make up my mind if its better than Begins. Ledgers performance was good but overrated, any decent actor probably could have pulled the Joker off.
And did anyone feel like this didn't really feel like a Batman film?
Ummm... it didn't feel like a Tim Burton film or a ... oh, hell, I've forgotten the name of the guy who followed Burton... well, anyway... it didn't feel like the last batch of movies.

But it DID feel like a Batman film, just like "Begins" did. These are the ONLY Batman shows I've ever seen that felt like "Batman" as I've known the character for over four decades.

So, what is it that a Batman film is "supposed to feel like" in your view?

For me, Batman is the only "superhero" who really fits into the real world better than into the fantasy world. The more "real" the world is, the better the Batman story is. You can't say the same for any other character, IMHO.

The opposite viewpoint was taken by the last few movies before Nolan... driving cars around on gargantuan art-deco statues and so forth. Of course, those movies were absolute sewage, IMHO, soooo....
Im not sure! Maybe I wanted to see something in the lines of between Burtons and Schumachers films, I think Begins did this with that monorail for an example. This Gotham city just seemed like any US city.
Oh and I missed the Wayne manor and would have liked to have seen the Batcave.
This film seemed to me just like a crime thriller that happens to just have Batman in it.
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