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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

There are again spoilers filtering through, mostly from comic-con reports:
-From this ( ) scifi thread: Zarek reportedly will die in S4.5 "taking lots of them with him", or sort-of...
He is apparently "a guy with the right motivation who has no choice in the end". This is especially intriguing in combination with the next tidbit:

-On this page ( ) people are discussing some things said or shown during the con, and apparently it seems like Zarek may be leading a revolt against Adama and the rebel Cylons (this may be erroneous interpretation for all I know though, caution). A kind of teaser was shown with some new material in it, and among other things, Geata was seen confronting Zarek (apparently "president Zarek"), Bill Adama was "about to be executed" and a bunch of (apparently rebel) Cylons were in the brig also expecting to be executed.

-also in this clip, "there seems to be some sort of large ground battle at some point. Tricia was saying how she got to use some new type of machinegun and James Callis was saying that one one night of shooting it reminded him of Apocolyse Now " (reported by someone in the same thread, one page further)
this is very interesting, a major space battle was always expected but may it be we only get a major ground battle instead? Or both, at different times or at the same time?

-In an e!online interview with Jamie Bamber, he mentioned that his last scene filmed (with the second unit) involved filming with "a bunch of extras", while shooting people. I guess this ties in with said major ground battle. In any case, interesting that the (vice-)president needs to take a gun himself at some stage
-from the same poster (maxtek 16): "Also, someone poised the question of what happens now that they found earth and from what was said I could gather that they might stay on Earth for a few episodes at least and that the first few episodes are very depressing."

-from io9:
"They [Caprica and BSG] were on two separate tracks," and BSG's ending has been planned out "in broad strokes" for a long time."
"Eick confirmed that nobody from Caprica would be turning up on BSG."
"[The ipcoming BSG movie] delves into "territory that the fans would be familiar with, and offers new perspective."
It's highly unlikely that Jamie Bamber will be involved in the movie.

-More from io9 ( ):
Eick on the decision to make Anders a Cylon: "It was like Gaeta? Anders? Gaeta? Anders? for awhile."
Tricia Helfer: "I got to shoot some guns. Finally. James and I, we started the first scene of the miniseries having sex and we finished the main shooting [of the series] with shooting."
Ron Moore: "I can tell you it's [the final Cylon] someone you've seen. It won't be a guest-star"
-Paul Campbell has confirmed we will not see Billy Keikeya again on BSG
-Starbuck "finds peace" at the end

Edit: There is more info here:
-Starbuck and Apollo making out.
-Adama and Roslin making out as well
-The Final Four next to ruins.
-Apollo in a cell crying: “just kill me”
-President Roslyn asking Commander Adama if he was a Cylon, and the next clip showing the Commander in the airlock of BSG with a white cloth over his eyes, looking into the camera
-The trailer ended with showing various cast members holding guns as well as shooting them. Some battles on Earth, others on Galatica.

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