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Re: IDW Trek comics plans for '08-'09

Heya, to answer a few questions:

Star Trek: The Last Generation is a "Myriad Universes" miniseries, but because the words sound so similar I think the Newsarama writer misheard the announcement and identified it as a "Mirror Universe" story by accident. As mentioned, it'll have full "Myriad Universes" trade dress, and will include excerpts from the novels and other cool stuff.

The story involves the collapse of the Khitomer Conference peace talks after the success of the assassination conspiracy, leading to open war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. But, because the Klingons are in a war for their very survival, they fight even more ferociously the before, ending ultimately with their conquest of Earth. Now, seven decades after the events of Star Trek VI--at about the same time as the early TNG seasons--Jean-Luc Picard leads an underground resistance against the Empire, as the Klingons' Terran warlord closes in and the situation for the rebellion grows increasingly more dangerous.

It'll also prominently feature Sulu on the Excelsior (which I love), and while it doesn't directly follow the same timeline as "Yesterday's Enterprise", expect to see characters like Rachel Garrett and other surprises throughout.

I should mention that the folks over at Pocket Books have been absolutely stellar (no pun intended) to work with, and this kind of crossover is something that we were talking about with them since my early days as IDW's Trek editor, so it's great to finally see it come about. Peter David's New Frontier series was sort of testing the waters for that, and it did extremely well, so I believe new Trek editor Andy Schmidt is interested in continuing the trend.

I should also mention: Interior art for The Last Generation will be handled by the inestimable fan-favorite Gordon Purcell, who's been drawing Trek for I don't even know how long, and most recently did the excellent Star Trek: Year Four series from D.C. Fontana. He's also the one who did the art on the original Star Trek VI movie adaptation with Peter David from way back when, so getting him do the art on this new series that spins out from that is just cool for me beyond belief.

For covers, I think some of that is still in the works, but you'll probably see something from Joe Corroney, who's been doing all sorts of fantastic covers for IDW's Trek line, as well as at least one from JK Woodward, the artist on Peter David's Fallen Angel series, who's got one of the covers for the first issue already finished. He took an idea that I suggested to him and absolutely knocked it out of the park, and I'll post it online here when IDW officially releases the artwork.
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