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Latest Marvel DVD: Hulk vs.

Marvel's next direct-to-DVD project, Hulk vs., is kind of an interesting format; two approximately 40-minute stories on the same DVD, one pitting the Hulk against Wolverine, the second against Thor.

Hulk vs. Wolverine

They're using the same voice as in Wolverine and the X-Men and various videogames; he's quite good. Also, blood!

Looks like they went for a version of Wolverine's original costume when he appeared in The Incredible Hulk (though the whiskers are understandably omitted, given they look rather silly).

Hulk vs. Thor

Hulk in Asgard (which is apparently a big deal deal, which, really, Odin could snap his fingers, but whatever). As with the Wolverine portion, fairly literal costume translation; Kirby's original Asgardian costumes for Thor and Sif are a bit goofy (and would never work in live action), but they have a certain flare when done well. It's cool to see characters like Sif and Valkyrie.
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