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Re: IDW Trek comics plans for '08-'09

Sounds great! I also love the greater ties with Pocket's work, and I've been crossing my fingers for more stuff like this ever since the New Frontier series was first announced.

A Titan series would be awesome, especially written by you, Christopher. I have to admit that my first thought was Mangels and Martin, as I've read and enjoyed their comics work before, but I'd be just as happy if they did the proposed Sulu/Excelsior series instead. Have you written any comics before?

I would also love to see a Vanguard book. Either a mini or a one-shot would be cool (Of course, I would prefer a mini). Come to think of it, I've read and enjoyed David Mack's comics work before as well...

A Titan or Excelsior series or even Byrnes's propsed "Crew" series would be a good way to see if an on-going series with an evolving storyline would work for them. My favorite Trek comics in the past were the ones with evolving characters and storylines (Starfleet Academy, Early Voyages, DC's first run).
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