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IDW Trek comics plans for '08-'09 is reporting the latest Comic Con announcements from new IDW Trek editor Andrew Schmidt:

In addition to what we already knew about, the John Byrne Romulans: The Hollow Crown and the Alien Spotlight II series including a Klingon tale by KRAD and a Q tale by the Tiptons, the highlights include this:

Star Trek - The Last Generation (November)
Written by Andrew Steven Harris, illustrated by Gordon Purcell
A five issue ‘Myriad Universe’ (not Mirror Universe), story akin to the new Pocket Books Myriad Universe stories. The background ‘what if’ premise is that Kirk did not save the Federation President at the end of Star Trek VI and a war erupted between the Federation and the Klingons with the Klingons eventually conquering Earth. Series takes place seven decades after STVI, or around the same time as the early seasons of TNG. The series will feature alternate timeline versions of Worf, Picard, and Sulu.
Neat. Will it actually use the Myriad Universes heading? (And will article writers ever figure out that "Myriad" takes a plural noun?)


John Byrne will follow his two-issue Romulan series with another series and a number of different ideas are being discussed, but the veteran hasn’t yet decided which one he wants to do yet. One possibility has the working title of ‘Crew’ which would be a pre-TOS era series set on a shake-down cruise. Another possibility is a follow up to his "Assignment Earth" series from this year.
Other tentative ideas include a movie prequel and adaptation, a Titan series (which I'd love to participate in if it happens), and maybe a Captain Sulu series.

Schmidt's plans sound very ambitious and intriguing. It's great to see Trek comics going strong once again, and I love the greater ties with Pocket's Trek fiction program.
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