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So this is what Serenity's failure felt like to fans! Let's pull out the responses they used!

If it sells enough DVDs maybe we'll get another film.
It wasn't promoted properly.
It's too smart for the unwashed masses out there.

Do any of these work anymore?

Except that Serenity was an infinantly more entertaining film than X-Files: I Want to Believe. You could watch Serenity without any knowledge of the show and still get into it. They use a new villain, they give a back story, and it's a solid movie. XF:IWTB feels like an ameture writer made that movie. Of all the things to get Scully and Mulder back together, and they choose this? So many unresolved cases from the series could've come back to haunt both of them enough to want to come to gether, and finish solving the mystery. Amanda Peet and Xhibit's characters could've been new X-Files agents, and needed Mulder's help, who in turn needed Scully's help. So many possibilities to restart the franchise could've happen here, but it didn't. I would love to have seen Xhibit become the new skeptical like Scully, and Peet become the new Mulder. Mulder and Peet's character could be discussing some new paranormal phenomenon, and Xhibit says to Scully, 'How'd you put up with this?', and Scully says something like, 'You just have to believe.' Using the film's title. I wish I could've wrote this! I bet a lot of other fans do too.
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