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Re: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog

ACT IV is coming! From

Dr Horrible Act IV Announced at Comic Con

There have been a number of Twitters and other reports live from Comic Con (apparently) saying that Jed Whedon says there will indeed be more Dr Horrible.

It has also been reported that the soundtrack will be available for download in a couple of weeks and that one of the special features on the DVD will be the top 10 video applications received by people wishing to join the “Evil League of Evil”.

We’ll try to verify this info for you as soon as possible.

Some reports:

* From

Joss Whedon just confirmed here on his Comic-Con panel that he plans to do at least another episode of Dr. Horrible. His relevant quotes after the jump; more details once the panel wraps.

A questioner asks, “What would a Part Four of Dr. Horrible be like?”

Joss sort of takes a deep breath. “The idea is that there will be another part –

(interrupted by huge cheers)

–so we’re not gonna tell you about it yet.”
He goes on to talk about why he’s excited to continue the webseries:

“I’m older, and balder/wiser than when I made Firefly, and I approach things differently. I take it one episode at a time. And any episode we don’t get out…I can make stuff on the internet now!” Cheers.

“Besides the fact that we all had an enormous amount of fun, this was designed to be a model for a new way to put out media, an artistic community that involves all of you guys, and all of us, and maybe not so much… other people.”

“I’m not trying to bring down the studios, I do still work there, as we all do, and I’m grateful for it…but things are changing, and its really important that as things change, they change for the better, and Dr. Horrible is about that, its about putting power in differnet hands — THE WRONG HANDS.”

And there will be a conrest. “We will take video submissions for the Evil League of Evil. No longer than 3 minutes, like you’re applying for Survivor or something, We’ll put the 10 best videos on the DVD. We’ve got a couple of things to do first, like the soundtrack…”

Joss: “Soundtrack should be available for download within a couple of weeks.”
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