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Oh, and these are preliminary estimates based on most of the day (but not all) and can be off. So the number might go up or down for Friday. And of course tomorrow will give a much more solid look at where the final weekend number will be. But at this stage I think an absolutely best would be 15 million and a low of 10 to 11 is also possible.

Nikki sources show a 4 million Friday and an estimate of 11 million for the weekend. Just yikes, really wanted it to do better. I mean I never expected a strong performance. But I was hoping for a US domestic total of 60 million.

But in comparison this isn't a Bomb on the scale of Meet Dave or Speed Racer both of which were huge financial investments.

But it really does signal that (at least in the US) there is no longer a viable market for a franchise of X-Files films.
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