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Re: Does Gordon know? Spoilers for TDK

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1) I'm not sold on the new batsuit. Yes, it looks functional, but it no longer has that "monstrous" quality... the fear-inducing element. It's just a really cool SWAT suit now.
Totally agree-- you summed up my problem with the suit perfectly.

2) I didn't like the "motorcycle" bit, however... as an engineer, this just seemed stupid. Remember that the vehicle was built for the military as a bridging vehicle, not built by Optimus Prime.
I hadn't thought about that. But I suppose Bruce could have had the Tumbler modified at some point...

The one thing that I think that they missed, at least a bit, was Dent's psychosis was too emotional. Of course, that's OK because it was a NEW psychosis... eventually, the guy becomes pretty much totally emotionless. Instead of acting on his feelings, the coin makes EVERY choice for him. Good or evil, nice or nasty, generous or greedy... all from the coin. That's the other reason I don't want him "gone" after this movie... there's a lot more development to be had from him. It'd be a waste to lose that now.
Yeah I kinda know what you mean. I had a hard time buying that his burns and the loss of Rachel, as bad as those things were, would actually send him over the edge and turn him into a raving, bloodthirsty madman; he just seemed to be too decent a guy for that.

It might have been more believable if the trauma and heartache had simply been so overwhelming that he simply shut down emotionally and decided to let the coin take over. It would have been pretty chilling to see this normally fired up and energetic guy suddenly walking around cold and emotionless.

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