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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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Yeah, poor Boomer has sure gotten the short end over the years. Betrayed by her programming, abandoned and murdered by the Colonials, almost boxed by D'Anna, villified on NC by the woman who took her lover, killed by her only equal (Caprica) on the Basestar, isolated from her sisters in the Cylon civil war, not to mention being replaced by Athena on Galactica.

That is a lot of baggage.

Granted she's made some bad choices too, but I'd like to see Boomer get some solace, somewhere. Even if it's from Athena herself.

What is also very interesting is how Athena and Boomer will meet (and apparently in such a way that they can and will talk). This fact alone is heartwarming for fans of Boomer, as it wasn't at all clear she would have the opportunity to talk with colonials or rebel Cylons again, given what side she ended up with and there being war and all. I wonder just in what circumstances this meeting will take place. Will they meet up by coincidence (does Boomer, and perhaps the other loyal Cylons, discover Earth or so?), or does one seek out the other on purpose?

Boomer probably has deep issues with Athena (using her memories and all, having her basically thrown off Galactica), and OTOH Athena will remember those threats to Hera very well. I don't think the meeting will start very friendly, and how it will end is anyone's guess. Better than last time they met, I hope!
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