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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

I loved the segment about McCoy's pain, a very poignant performance by De Kelley.

There were some definite cringe moments, though. Several already mentioned, plus:

Kirk's "Oh, please" at Bennett's ass-kissing. It seemed really self-indulgent by Shatner to have that bit in there. He became Bill to me at that point, not Jim.

The exploding PADD. Those things are off-the-shelf. Just because the Big E's systems aren't fully integrated doesn't mean the PADDs should be blowing up. And they have springs in them?!?

Though I liked the jail-break, it seemed like Jimmy over-played the line to me, or he ran out of breath in the middle of it, or something.

The sexual innuendo between Uhura and Scotty in sickbay.. barf.

I still enjoy watching it, though. As mentioned by jon1701, when they were "on", the characters seemed more "alive" in this film.
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