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If Disney every decides to do a hip musical animation, they could do a lot worse than trying to get Joss to write the songs; he's proven an astounding facility with lyrics,
I don't care for the "melodies" very much at all, but the lyrics are great.

The music is much too rock recitative for me and, like Rent, becomes lost in its sameness after awhile as an entire score. Individual songs are great in small doses, but too many weaken the music.
Not sure what you mean by that last sentence - isn't a musical, by definition, a collection of individual songs? I don't necessarily mean Joss could or should write the score, but it's not unusual to see a musical where the score and the songs are written by different people, separately or cooperatively (Tarzan, for example, where Phil Collins wrote the songs and Mark Mancina wrote the score).

As for the songs in Dr. Horrible, I liked them all, to varying degrees, with Brand New Day and On the Rise probably being my favorites; I also like the depth of the finalé, and found myself replaying that song many times last night at home.
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