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Re: Visitor On 'Battlestar Galactica'

The TT article says that BSG was "rough", "tough" and "a whole different atmosphere". That implies Nana had a negative experience. But she was describing the sets, not the work or the people. I was there in Orlando. I heard her say it.

In the original article (which is linked), you can see that she says of the experience, "It was real acting, like I hadn't done for a while, and [it had] real writing. I loved it. I was very impressed all the way around. I though it was a great show."

Two very different impressions of her time on BSG, IMO.

And as MisterGaribaldi echoed above, the Disneyland/Disney World remark was in no way a comparison of BSG and DS9. She was talking about the scale of the DS9 sets as compared to other movie/TV sets. Being on the Promenade was fully immersive. You were on the Promenade, not some scaled down set made to look bigger with camera tricks.

It just seems that the TT article took snippets which lead the reader to believe that Nana is pro-DS9 and anti-BSG. Not the case. She was very pro both shows.
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