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Re: Where have all the ebooks gone?

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Hi Trent,
So, has anyone else noticed Simon & Shuster's website situation?
I checked out the link you posted, it does seem odd that now there is no Fearful Symmetry ebook noted on their pages, while other books like GTTS list an ebook. I'm not sure about buying books/ebooks from their store, as I'm still an old fashioned, "spend an hour or two in the bookstore kind of guy", rather than one who buys them online (unless I have to). And ever since I bought my Kindle, all my ebooks come from Amazon. So my familiarity with purchasing through S&S amounts to pretty much nil. However, I thought I'd read here that others had purchased their ebooks directly from that website.

I had really hoped that KRAD would have popped in here by now to help shed a little light on the whole subject.
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