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Re: Where have all the ebooks gone?

Where have all the ebooks gone, and where are all the engineers? Where's the tech-savvy C.o.E. to fix the broken gears? Isn't there a captain leading his starship brave? Before closing the computer I grumble and squirm and dream of what I crave.

I need an ebook! I'm holding out for an ebook on my screen so bright. It's gotta be Gold, and it's gotta be Duff, and it's gotta have a cover by Mike. I need an ebook! I'm holding out for an book of made of electonic bytes. It's gotta be Tev, and it's gotta be Blue, and it's gotta have DRM copyright.

It's the OP's fault for putting the song in my head every time I read the thread title.

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
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