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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

I've got to be one of the few fans who actually isn't bothered that much by this movie. Is it great? No. Is it watchable and relatively enjoyable? I think so. It certainly not unwatchable like that flying turd of a movie called Nemesis.

The line about losing the brother while poignant, was poorly chosen, and this:

The Romulans never sent any ship to the planet of Galactic peace.
is something that really bugs me because they had just dropped that broad off. They were in the neighborhood and I really don't buy the old cliché, "The Enterprise was the only ship in tha area" despite what Admiral Bennett says about needing Kirk's experience on this mission. The Enterprise was orbiting Earth for God's sake... that's sector 001. Were we honestly supposed to believe that the only qualified Captain in Sector 001 was Kirk? God help the Federation if that was true. The Klingons should have taken over the Federation years ago if that were true.

Other than that, it's watchable and kind of fun.

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