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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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Quite major spoiler for S4.5 (and one I like very much):
(from this interview;idx_id=6350 )

Grace Park: "You’re going to get to see a wrapping up of all the events that have occurred and you’ll find out who survives, who dies, and who the final Cylon is. There’s another interaction between my two characters, Boomer and Athena, and there’s a lot of history we finally clear up with them"
Yeah, poor Boomer has sure gotten the short end over the years. Betrayed by her programming, abandoned and murdered by the Colonials, almost boxed by D'Anna, villified on NC by the woman who took her lover, killed by her only equal (Caprica) on the Basestar, isolated from her sisters in the Cylon civil war, not to mention being replaced by Athena on Galactica.

That is a lot of baggage.

Granted she's made some bad choices too, but I'd like to see Boomer get some solace, somewhere. Even if it's from Athena herself.
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