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Re: Blalock On 'Star Trek XI' Casting

T'Cal wrote: View Post
He's Chakotay's great-grandfather, hence the tattoo...

I gotta say that I never much cared for Blalock or her character. She made an uninformed judgement ("If Leonard Nimoy is in it, shouldn't William Shatner be in it? But I haven’t read the script. I'm just venting.") that made her sound like the whiner I always thought she was.
MisterGaribaldi wrote: View Post
Fuck off Blalock, you whingy bitch.
What's with all the Blalock bashing?
First, T'Pol was a great character and Jolene is super-hot , both in Enterprise and in Stargate SG-1 and also in the features she's done.

Second, how did you come up with Blalock being whiny? Since when?

Third, I agree that The Shat should have been in the movie. From every indication, this new flick needs all the help it can get and from a certain perspective, Captain Kirk is Star Trek and William Shatner is Captain Kirk.

Fourth, here in the U.S. we say "whiny" not "whingy". So, MisterGaribaldi, you had better be from the UK or you're just being pretentious.

Last, I smell a more than a little jealousy every time a hot property is mentioned in these posts. And I'm talking specifically about you girls out there. You know who you are.

There ought to be a gender designation in the Profiles. It makes a huge difference when trying to interpret some of the comments made here.

While I'm on the rant here, this site could use one of these:
<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

The icon file could be the UGO Logo in icon form or a Starfleet Emblem or something.
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