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Re: Where have all the ebooks gone?

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Maybe somebody else with better knowledge of the process can chime in and clarify or correct my comments as appropriate.
"Individual vendors" is slightly misleading; in the case of MS Reader (and I believe Adobe) books,they're distributed via Lightning Source, a reseller owned by Ingram. So stores selling in Lightning Source's formats--including S&S's own shop, Powells, and IIRC Fictionwise--are waiting on the reseller, as opposed to being the points of failure themselves.

I also thought that S&S did at least some of the in-house conversions--specifically PDF and MS Reader--themselves. (Because I doubt they're handing Adobe or whoever their page layout files...) I'll check the publisher info when I get home, see who it says Readerworks was licensed to. But even if S&S does the conversion, it could still be Lightning Source who's the cause of the delay. I doubt it, but it's possible.
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