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Re: Where have all the ebooks gone?

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Ever since the cancellation of the CoE ebok series, it seems that there have been very few other ebook releases.

The release date for Fearful Symmetry and MU:Infinitiy's Prism has come and gone.

This does not bode well for future releases such as Greater than the Sum, MU:Echoes and Refractions and Kobayashi Maru.

Used to be, back in the olden days, that the ebook version usually came out before the paper version.

Does anyone have any idea what the hold up is? There are still plenty of us out here that prefer the ebook format (and no, I'm not trying to throw kindling on that fire). I would much rather have an ebook, but I'm getting to the point that I'm going to throw in the towel rather than wait a month (or months) to get my trek fix.
Can we get an official response from one of the editors on this? I'm a proud owner of a Kindle, and have been quite pleased with the selection of Star Trek books that have been available since I purchased the unit last year. However, it is really disappointing to see that the recent ebook releases seemed to have been overlooked. I understand that the stand alone ebook series like CoE have been cancelled, but does that plan include the cancellation of the ebook version of regular books as well? I thought KRAD had stated that those ebooks would continue.

As mentioned above, the ebook versions used to come out faster than the paper books reached the stores for the most part. A result of the ease of publishing something on a website vs. the physical need to move the product from one location to another; and I also presume that it was used as an attractor to get people to try out the ebook medium. But recently, they've stopped showing up at all, or at least they're showing up very slowly.

So can we please get a response from an editor or even an author with knowledge about the fate of our ebooks?
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