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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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I got this one for my desk. That's just too cool.
That's funny, I was about to post that that's my favorite. Not just classic monsters, but a classic car!

The only one that's missing is the Invisible Man ... or is he?
There seems to be an empty space next to Drac.

That's a great bunch of figures, and kind of an odd mix of cool and funny. There's a nifty Sphinx right next to a haunted outhouse. Too bad about the 'retired' section; some of the best ones are in there...

My wife wanted this one, because she thought it was cute. So maybe that one will go in front of our wedding picture, on the mantle.

I also got this swamp monster for my desk, just because he made me laugh when I saw him.
And that reminds me that the swamp monster retrospective from TwoMorrows still hasn't come out....
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