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Re: Top Gear New Series

Finally saw the episode last night. That was bloody fantastic. Coupled with the bullet train race episode, these two episodes are easily up there with the best of Top Gear. The fact that they both focused on the GT-R also didn't hurt any--I was a nonbeliever at first, but that car's SERIOUSLY impressive.

I was concerned that Clarkson was really going to hurt himself between his neck injury in the GT-R (which I don't think was faked; if it was, he's sure got his injured schtick down like no one else) and bumping his head several times in the foxmobile. Guy's not exactly a spring chicken and we know he's had back problems in the past (as mentioned on the show numerous times).

Oh, and best line of the night courtesy of James May: "Die like Elvis trying to get 500 cheeseburgers out of your poop chute!"
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